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all about l.o.v.e.

Love always brings love (L.O.V.E.). Through love we are getting to know ourselves again, we are growing up, unselfishly give and unconditionally love.

The day, that you have already been planning for some time, is getting closer…you have chosen a perfect restaurant, a gorgeous wedding dress, a beautiful wedding rings, the most beautiful flowers, crazy cake and even crazier band. The only thing is left is to chose is a wedding photographer and you are ready for your biggest day.

We will remember the dinner in our favorite restaurant, but the dinner will be eaten. We will remember the music, but your favorite wedding band will not play for you every day. The flowers will be great requisites for photographing, but it will not smell forever…I believe that there is only one thing that will hold of emotions forever…photography. They enable you to recall the emotions of that day and enjoy in it whenever you wish to… Through photography, the day of your wedding, moments, looks, tenderness, and vivid emotions live for ever. You have chosen love… the (L.O.V.E.) will be with you!