Igor Sitar, The photographer you’re looking for

“Human conditions beyond romance…”

YOU – Your job is to act exactly as you feel, and let me worry about the amazing landscape in the background. The relationship is the focus here, along with the, well all the funny moments… and some very important.

ME – My photography key point is that I don’t just put emphasis on the (technical) image quality, I care far more about the quality of making the image.

Process is everything for me. No mission statement or such, just these free fall semiconscious explorations.

I’m chasing that light all the time, it does have an effect, psychologically, to be surrounded by this harmonious gradient of light Always focusing on the emotions, the mood, the connection.

Actually it’s about what I’m doing with my life and living my dream.
I love to travel and I shoot weddings all over Europe every year.

So, regardless of where you’re getting married and you think my style is for you, email me and we can make some plans together…

It’s simple, there’s only one basic package. For me every wedding is a story so I cover it from the start to finish. I mean no time limit,I average 12-14hrs per wedding. I follow the events with my cameras, and the final result is an organic and natural record of your day, spiced up with my touch. When I photograph the couples I focus on their emotions, feelings and their connection with each other, rather than the cheesy poses.

– all day cover
– 400-600 fully edited photographs
– password secured online gallery
– box with the USB and some prints
TO GET THE UP TO DATE PRICING, send me an email

Do You have the guts to love me like you wish you could?